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Data Digest: National Polls, Fake News, Cybersecurity Threats

A new poll shows what Americans think about policy under President Obama, a survey explores how people judge their news sources, and experts predict the major cybersecurity threats for 2017.

Polling the State of the Country

A new Gallup poll asked Americans to assess whether the U.S. made progress in various domains under President Obama. Respondents reported progress in the economy and energy policy and lost ground in foreign relations and responses to terrorism. The full results include questions about 19 policy domains and comparisons with a similar poll from the end of President George W. Bush's final term.

Read more at Gallup

How Confident Are You in the News You Read?

Survey results from Report Linker show that 58 percent of Americans say they are confident in their information sources. The survey also examined how various age groups consume news differently.

Read more at ReportLinker

Upcoming Security Threats

Insider threats are predicted to be a continuing problem in 2017, but companies should also consider how world politics will increasingly impact corporate cyberattacks.

Read more at Dark Reading

About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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