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Data Stories: Web Usability, Prevalence of Computers, Global Internet Speed

Learn why you should design tools for people with low technical skills, how many homes in the U.S. have a computer, and where the fastest Internet is.

Are You Designing for the Right Audience?

Usability Skills Study

You are probably tech-savvy. Do you know how to design a website or a tool for those less savvy than yourself? The usability experts at the Nielsen Norman Group explored recent international skills research and discussed how it affects design for people of average technical skill.


How Many Homes Have a Computer?

Computers in US

As techies, we sometimes assume everyone has a computer today, but that isn’t the case. This Tableau chart uses data from the American Community Survey to map the percentage of households with a computer in different counties and states.


How Fast Is Your Connection?

Global Internet Speeds 

You already know a website that’s too complex will bog down a slow Internet connection. Do you know where you’ll find the fastest connections? This chart based on data from Akamai, a cloud services and content delivery provider, shows the top global connection speeds.


About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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