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Ten-Day Data Assessment Service Reduces Data Migration Risk

Premier International now offers a comprehensive data assessment service for data migration projects.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

The data migration experts at Premier International now offer a comprehensive data assessment service. In the past, Premier’s data assessment services were only available to organizations that used Premier for the entire data migration.

“We call it the Enterprise Data Assessment,” said Mikel Naples, Premier’s managing principal. “It establishes a road map for the data migration, giving the team the detailed data knowledge to successfully migrate the data from the organization’s legacy systems into the target system, along with a comprehensive data quality strategy for going forward.”  

Naples provided this list of deliverables for the Enterprise Data Assessment:

  • Data profiling results: Comprehensive profile reports (data statistics and data facts) for every data element in every relevant table/file in all existing systems
  • Data validation analysis: Detailed reports identifying specific rows/records with missing, invalid, and inconsistent data throughout all existing systems
  • Duplicate data analysis: Detailed reports identifying redundant data, both within each existing system and across all disparate existing systems
  • Orphan analysis: Detailed reports identifying missing rows/records that are required
  • Pattern analysis: Reports summarizing the occurrence of each unique data pattern in relevant key data elements
  • Transaction history analysis: Summary reports to guide decisions regarding how many years of historical data to bring into the new system (often includes analysis of the impact of data quality issues in older data)
  • Data quality strategy: Comprehensive summary reports quantifying the occurrences of data quality issues observed and recommendations for the specific method of cleansing each distinct error
  • High-level business issue planning: Advice on business planning issues such as “Big Bang” versus phased approach, cutover window considerations, techniques for migrating large volumes early, alternatives for archiving transaction history, etc.
  • Formal presentation to your IT team: A formal presentation of findings to your IT project team, reviewing detailed issues and recommendations
  • Executive summary presentation: A second, optional, brief presentation to summarize the risk issues for your senior corporate executives

When asked about the duration of a project, Naples answered, “Projects are brief yet very thorough. For example, the duration can be as short as 10 days for a project that involves as many as four data sources.”

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