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Articles discuss how to turn big data into insight, AI and the future of the cloud, securing data lakes, and checking IoT vulnerabilities.

Turning Big Data into Insight (Source: Information Age)
Enterprises still complain about the difficulty of turning data into insight. This article offers explanations for 4 v-words to help you manage big data.

Is AI the Future of the Cloud? (Source: Cloudtweaks)
This article predicts that the near future will see a major increase in AI-enabled cloud offerings.

Cloud Computing's Effects on the Environment (Source: The Daily Oklahoman)
The cloud, by its very name, sounds eco-friendly, but how hard have most enterprises thought about its environmental impact? This article examines the environmental pros and cons of cloud computing.

Planning Ahead with IoT (Source: Readwrite)
IoT devices have been causing security headaches, but another big issue with IoT is integration. Your enterprise needs to know how any new IoT solution will integrate with your other systems; this article provides four questions to ask.

Best Practices for Securing Data Lakes (Source:
This article explains the importance of protecting your data lake and how to do so.

How to Check if Your IoT Device is Vulnerable (Source: Computer World)
A recent massive DDoS attack exploited a multitude of unsecured IoT devices. This article offers a few simple steps to quickly check if your connected device is vulnerable.

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