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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles examine big data problems, self-healing security systems, functional data lakes, and privacy and security with open source.

The Big Problems of Big Data (Source: Forbes)
This article boils down all the annoyances enterprises have had with big data to three simple issues: workers distrust it, feel overwhelmed by it, and over-analyze it. The article explains the symptoms of these problems and offers remedies for each.

Self-Healing Security Systems Are the Way of the Future (Source: Information Age)
With how difficult it is for enterprises to even detect hackers present in their systems, security is a major struggle. This article discusses new, self-healing technology that may provide useful defensive reinforcements among other benefits.

Creating a Functional Data Lake (Source: Dbta)
The data lake is a trendy but misunderstood architecture. This article has detailed steps for creating and navigating a useful data lake for the enterprise.

Why Open Source Ensures Privacy and Security (Source: Network World)
Though this article is about an individual trying to have total security and privacy in his personal use of technology, the insight can apply to enterprise strategy. The author explains why he came to the conclusion that open source is necessary for total security.

What the Cloud/DBaaS Movement Did to Data Integration (Source: Dbta)
Data integration was hard enough before the move to the cloud was mixed in. Now, as this article explains, new challenges have appeared in data integration.

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