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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles explain the future of football is data, cloud security risks, modern data integration in the cloud, and choosing the right big data tool. Plus: a closer look at deep learning.

The Future of Football is in Data (Source: The Conversation)
The NFL has joined the data revolution. This article explains how introducing tracking sensors and advanced analytics will affect the NFL and how other sports have used similar technology.

Modern Data Integration in the Cloud (Source: Database Trends and Applications)
This article provides best practices for using cloud services and database-as-a-service environments to improve data integration.

A Realistic Look at Deep Learning (Source: TechTarget)
This article argues for a "pessimistically optimistic" view of deep learning -- the expert interviewed believes it will provide value to the enterprise but not as much as the hype promises.

Choosing the Right Big Data Tool (Source: IT Pro Portal)
A properly-chosen tool is critical for success. This article offers a short guide on picking the best tool for your enterprise.

Metadata Allows Insight from Messy Data (Source: Information Age)
Enterprises need to be able to work with multiple data sets today. This article explains how effective metadata strategies can allow analysts to spend less time cleaning data and more finding insights.

Preventing Common Cloud Security Risks (Source:
Part of the cloud security challenge is knowing how to prepare. This article offers a short list of cloud security concerns and clear steps to prevent each one.

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