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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles examine how big data access can lead to insight, how to secure and manage IoT devices, an introduction to advanced analytics, using data for making or saving money, and where to find useful data.

Big Data Access Leads to Insight (Source: Information Management)
This article explains how broader access to data, including the ability to interact with an analytics system by voice command, may change analytics.

IoT: Securing and Managing Devices (Source: Information Age)
The Internet of Things is poised to take over the world, but enterprises might not be prepared for the strain on their networks. This article explains how to deal with the biggest potential troubles.

Beyond Basic BI to Advanced Analytics (Source: Dataversity)
This article provides a primer about the different types of analytics available for today's enterprise, including common techniques and an overview of vendors.

Using Data for Making Money or for Saving Money (Source: Kdnuggets)
Using Boeing's latest business moves as a case study, this article examines the pros and cons of using big data to make money (through monetization or new business models) versus using big data to save money.

Where to Find Useful Data (Source: Forbes)
Having well-defined goals is the first step toward finding the most useful data for your enterprise needs. This article explains the pros and cons of several major data sources.

Security Starts with Understanding Attackers (Source: Computer Weekly)
This article takes the reader on a tour of major cybercriminal communities around the world. A brief overview of the focus of each group can help enterprises make better preparations.

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