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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles explore the benefits of data governance, geospatial data and visualization, detecting elusive malware, limitations of big data, and part-time data management.

How Governance Helps Your Enterprise (Source: Database Trends and Applications)
Governance is often seen as a chore: you only do it because you are required to. However, this article explains how a good governance approach can help save time and money.

How Geospatial Data and Visualizations Combine for Better Understanding (Source: IoT Evolution World)
This article explains how organizing large amounts of geospatial data with visualizations can provide quicker, more in-depth insight.

Detecting Elusive Malware Attacks (Source: Computer Weekly)
Today's sophisticated attacks can bypass traditional security. This article provides tips for detecting and preventing modern hacks.

Don't Give Big Data the Biggest Power (Source: Business 2 Community)
Too much emphasis on big data as a panacea can be a mistake, according to this article. The author describes the limitations of big data and how to work with them.

Challenges for Part-Time Data Management (Source: Entrepreneur)
This article provides advice for small business owners who have to manage data in addition to other tasks, but the tips can help anyone become a better data manager.

Creating Impact with Data Visualizations (Source: Business 2 Community)
This article is about how journalism is being improved with data storytelling and how combining data and visuals creates greater impact.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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