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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles discuss the origins of the data scientist, the Internet of Things, best practices for social media analytics, BI for any size enterprise, and using big data for personalized marketing.

Understanding the IoT Platform
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

Many vendors offer an IoT platform, but what does that mean? The answer, and more, is in this article.

Selecting the Data Warehouse or the Data Lake
(Source: Information Management)

A data storage platform is necessary for today's enterprises, but choosing between a data warehouse and a data lake can be tough. This article explains the pros and cons of both.

Best Practices for Social Media Analytics
(Source: Marketing Insider Group)

Leverage data analytics for great social media marketing results with the advice and case studies in this article.

Managing the Big Data Explosion
(Source: Information Age)

The amount of available data continues to grow each day and understanding how to control and store the deluge is crucial. This article has a few recommended tools and tactics for handling the flood.

BI Is For Enterprises of Any Size
(Source: Huffington Post)

BI may be more prevalent at larger enterprises, but this author explains how any enterprise can get value out of effective BI projects.

Use Big Data for Personalized Marketing
(Source: Forbes)

This article provides practical steps for using big data to optimize your marketing without being paralyzed by overthinking.

Data Scientist Origins
(Source: Information Management)

IoT data is driving demand for data scientists. In this article, a working data scientist explains how she started her career and brings you up to speed on today's hottest job.

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