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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles discuss future proofing your analytics, big data compliance, solving predictive analytics problems, and integrating big data into your business strategy.

Future Proofing Your Data Analytics
(Source: Datanami) The explosion of data is here to stay. This article describes the types of next-generation analytics and storage solutions you will need to keep pace with your competitors.

Keeping Big Data Compliant
(Source: Dataversity)

With so much data to handle, keeping your enterprise's data compliant under all regulations can be tricky. This article describes how to address major compliance challenges for big data projects.

Troubles with Predictive Analytics
(Source: Information Age)

Many enterprises trying to implement predictive analytics for customer analytics or fraud prevention aren’t seeing the promised benefits yet. This article explains the biggest roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Revamping Security Strategies for New Tech
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

For most enterprises, the adoption of IoT and cloud has outpaced security, leading to vulnerabilities in newly-acquired technology. This article explains why and how to bolster your security.

Bringing Clarity to Cloud Myths
(Source: TechTarget)

In this article, four cloud experts explain the most common misconceptions about the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing.

Integrating Big Data into Business Strategy
(Source: IT Web)

Many enterprises have launched big data projects, but many still see these as side projects. This article argues that big data efforts must be integrated into business strategy to stay competitive.

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