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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles explore how to choose the best big data solutions, how to create a better data lake, how using predictive analytics can improve content marketing, and why open source isn’t just about software.

Choosing the Best Big Data Solutions
(Source: Datamation)

If your enterprise is looking to get into big data, the many options may seem overwhelming. This article provides useful tips and questions to ask to help you narrow down the list.

Creating a Better Data Lake
(Source: Datanami)

It is difficult to build a data lake in Hadoop that can immediately deliver value. This article explains best practices for enterprise-ready data lakes.

A Comprehensive Look at Cloud Security

For the majority of enterprises, cloud computing is secure, but keeping it that way takes effort. This article explores every aspect of quality cloud security in-depth.

Use Predictive Analytics for Better Content Marketing
(Source: Business 2 Community)

Creating content that actually gets shared is a challenge. However, this article shows how you can improve your content marketing by using predictive analytics.

Troubles Facing IoT Marketers
(Source: Information Age)

The Internet of Things promises real-time interactivity with consumers but comes with challenges for marketing. This article covers three particularly crucial roadblocks to marketing on IoT devices. (Note that although the names of some specific legal issues are particular to the UK, similar concerns apply in all countries.)

Why Open Source Does Not Refer to Just Software
(Source: TheVarGuy)

Open source can describe more than software; hardware may be open source as well. This article predicts that the spread of IoT technology will popularize open source hardware and explains why.

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