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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles explore how to work well with data scientists, best practices for handling data, calculating storage requirements for IoT and big data projects, and understanding cyber attacks.

Working Well with Data Scientists
(Source: Tripwire)

Working with data scientists may seem intimidating at first. This article offers 5 steps towards building a healthy relationship with a newly hired data scientist.

Best Practices for Handling Data
(Source: Information Age)

Many enterprises are accumulating data without properly managing it. This article lists 9 tips to update your data management protocols, including recommendations on storage, backup, recovery, and deletion.

Understanding Cyber Attacks
(Source: Business 2 Community)

Understanding cyber attacks can help you prepare for them. This article describes 8 important things to know about cybersecurity.

Big Data Retail Applications
(Source: Datanami)

From recommendations to fraud prevention, the retail industry has found nine highly useful applications for big data.

Storage Requirements of IoT and Big Data Projects
(Source: TechTarget)

IoT and big data projects often overlap, but the data storage requirements can differ. This article explains how to pick a successful storage solution for your use case.

Improve Your Algorithms for Selling B2B
(Source: Datanami)

Machine learning recommendations are great for cross-selling and increasing revenue -- as long as they are targeted properly. This article explains why accurate targeting is more important in the B2B market and how to optimize your algorithms by combining machine learning with sales experience.

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