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Articles explore turning data into insight, hard truths of IoT, benefits of self-service BI, and ethical principles for big data and data science.

Even Data Scientists Need Help Turning Data to Insight
(Source: Beta News)

The data scientist is the hottest job of 2016, but the hype has obscured the fact that data scientists cannot do everything. As this article explains, they can find patterns, but they cannot always explain why those patterns happen. Another person, a "data whisperer" as this article calls the role, is required for that vital part of analytics.

A Different Approach to Big Data?
(Source: Tech News World)

This article profiles a company taking a completely different approach to the data integration challenges in big data projects. The author argues that most companies just copy each other rather than thinking about new solutions.

Hard Truths of IoT
(Source: Information Age)

Little has been said about the annoying realities of gathering sensor data through the Internet of Things. This article covers 5 of the least-talked about truths about IoT data.

The Benefits of Self-Service BI

This article explains the factors, benefits, and approaches to consider when implementing a self-service BI solution.

Should You Invest in Self-Service or Enterprise Tools?
(Source: Information Management)

This article neatly describes the benefits and drawbacks to both self-service discovery tools and enterprise BI solutions. The author also provides advice to help you determine the best balance between these approaches for your organization.

IoT Needs to Learn from Open Source
(Source: Datamation)

There is a looming security crisis for IoT devices -- around 70% of them have serious security flaws. This article argues that IoT developers are headed down a dangerous path; they are using open source technologies for short-term gain without involving the community aspect that helps find and fix vulnerabilities in fully open source projects.

Big Data and Data Science Need Ethical Principles
(Source: Kdnuggets)

Big data initiatives often collect personal and private information, and many people believe that data science and big data professionals should therefore receive training in ethical behavior. This article summarizes 3 key guidelines to follow.

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