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Articles explore crossword plagiarism, launching big data, the value of real-time BI, data lake ROI, adopting cloud computing, and making IoT work for business.

Data Analytics Reveals Crossword Plagiarism
(Source: FiveThirtyEight)

Data analytics can bring unknown patterns to light. This article explains the role played by analytics in a recent plagiarism scandal that shocked the crossword world.

Does Your Leadership Understand Your Data?
(Source: American Genius)

This article explains why today's business leaders need to have a basic understanding of BI and offers advice to help your C-level executives get up to speed.

Ask These 3 Questions before Launching Big Data
(Source: Business2Community)

Big data promises to answer every question we can think of, but this author recommends asking three big-picture questions before embarking on a big data project. If you cannot answer them, you will fail to get value out of big data.

The Value of Real-Time BI

Even though actual instantaneous BI is impossible, moving closer to real-time data processing can create real value for the enterprise. This article outlines the basic benefits and challenges associated with real-time business intelligence.

Making Back Data Lake Investments
(Source: Datanami)

The whole point of investing in data analytics and infrastructure is to eventually turn all that insight into profit. This article has eight of the best strategies for achieving ROI with expensive data lakes.

Making IoT Work for Business
(Source: Information Age)

According to this article, in order to see more value from the Internet of Things, enterprises must consider business strategy as a vital part of IoT deployments.

Adopting Cloud Computing
(Source: Small Biz Trends)

Cloud services are growing in popularity and utility, yet plenty of small enterprises are still cautious about adopting cloud computing. This article has ten tips for simplifying the adoption process.

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