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Articles examine best practices for data storytelling, 3 tactics for a better big data strategy, IoT project leadership tips, and the true value of the cloud.

Best Practices for Data Storytelling
(Source: Information Week)

Without data storytelling, data can seem to be a set of useless numbers, but crafting a narrative around data can be difficult. This article provides four best practices for data storytelling.

3 Tactics for a Better Big Data Strategy
(Source: ZDNet)

If you are given the task to create an effective big data strategy out of thin air, the pressure to deliver can be huge. This article explores three best practices for your big data strategy.

What to Know When Leading IoT Projects
(Source: TechRepublic)

The Internet of Things is still new enough that most enterprises are on only their first or second IoT project, so there isn't much history for new project leaders to use as a model. If your enterprise is testing IoT technologies, this article has 10 current best practices for running an IoT project.

The True Value of the Cloud
(Source: Forbes)

The shift to cloud computing has brought on a revolution in the enterprise. One piece of that revolution is in the economics of the cloud. According to this article, it doesn't work to measure the value of the cloud in only financial terms because the cloud delivers value in ways traditional cost-benefit formulas cannot model.

Keeping Shadow IT Safe
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

Shadow IT -- internally built technology solutions that were never approved by IT -- is often the most vulnerable to breaches. This article discusses how to ensure your enterprise is not damaged by shadow IT or other poorly implemented data storage solutions.

Legally and Safely Using Open Source Software
(Source: Computer Weekly)

Open source software is free for everyone and you never have to worry about getting into any trouble for using it, right? Wrong. This article explains how to mitigate the legal and security risks involved with open source software.

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