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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles this week look at Hadoop, the Internet of Things, big data, data visualizations, and cloud BI.

Make the Most of Hadoop
(Source: Information Management)

Even if you have not moved fully to the cloud, you may already be using some form of Hadoop for your analytics. Hadoop is useful, but it can be tricky. This article describes some of the best practices for the tool.

What Will Change with the Internet of Things?
(Source: Forbes)

According to this article, the answer is a resounding "everything." Major opportunities never thought possible will open up to enterprises all over with IoT. This author shares recommendations on how you can find your niche and be prepared.

The Importance of Innovative Data Visualizations
(Source: Computer World)

This author is frustrated with a recent trend of criticism against visualizations that are not simple line or bar graphs. The article also praises well-done innovative visualizations and gives tips on how you can make data visualizations both interesting and accurate.

Preventing Discrimination in Big Data

As big data becomes ever more popular, it is critical for enterprises to ensure compliance with nondiscrimination laws. This article reviews how these laws affect marketing with big data and how you can prevent discrimination in your practices.

Finding Value in Big Data
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

Many people who use big data know about the 3 Vs: volume, velocity, and variety. This article explores the importance of a fourth V, value, and cites several enterprises finding big value in big data.

What the Cloud Can Do For You
(Source: Cloudtweaks)

The move to the cloud can be a scary proposition for some enterprises. This article explores reasons why you should move to the cloud and how to head off concerns about cloud computing.

Why Storytelling is Imperative for Data Science
(Source: Forbes)

The democratization of data analytics and data science will not stop soon; according to this author, soon everyone will have to be a data storyteller as well. This article explains what led to this shift and how your enterprise can keep up.

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