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Articles this week look at how to make a strong case for your BI project, what's ahead in big data tech, IoT and security, how to create effective data visualizations for mobile users, and the MDM-IoT connection.

Make a Strong Case for Your BI Project
(Source: SmartData Collective)

Despite how fundamental business intelligence is to the enterprise, high-level executives will not fund any BI project without a solid case. This article offers some best practices to help you obtain the needed buy-in for a new BI project.

The Next Wave of Big Data Tech
(Source: Forbes)

Big data's hype cycle may be over, but the innovations enterprises are making with it in mind certainly are not. This article summarizes a recent Forrester report on the Top 10 new big data technologies and gives its own opinion on each.

Security at Risk in IoT: What to Do?
(Source: IT Pro Portal)

The IoT is one giant hole in security. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of how hackers can infiltrate the system. This article reviews the main holes in the IoT's security systems and discusses what you can do to prevent them from being exploited.

How to Make Effective Data Visualizations for Mobile Users

Not everyone has access to a desktop or laptop; a growing number of people view the Internet on their smartphones. Your enterprise may already calibrate your general digital content for mobile, but have you considered how to make your visualizations mobile-friendly? This article provides helpful guidelines.

Why You Need MDM for Effective Use of IoT
(Source: Computer World)

The IoT has the potential for great positive impact in the enterprise. However, as this article argues, without the proper context given by master data management, none of that impact will be realized.

How the Data Scientist Came to Be
(Source: Kdnuggets)

The term data scientist is relatively new, but the idea behind the job has been around forever. This article traces from the roots of the data scientist to the modern permutation as a way of reminding current data scientists what they should be doing in their job.

IoT Bottlenecks Demand Shift in Data Center Structure
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Before the rise of big data and (now) the IoT, the data center could afford to be centralized. However, as more disruptive trends break into the enterprise, a central data center simply cannot manage in a reasonable amount of time. This article calls for a shift in how the data center is structured to prevent lagtime from becoming even worse.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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