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Yellowfin Launches Yellowfin 7.2

New version empowers business users with new business workflow.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Global business intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin has launched the latest version of its BI platform. Yellowfin 7.2 introduces new technical capabilities in three core areas.

Business Workflow: Driving in-Platform Collaboration and User Adoption

The Yellowfin business workflow provides a clear path and process for business users to directly connect with the BI and data experts in their organization, to raise trackable tasks and data quality issues, brainstorm ideas, collectively review content and take faster data-driven action.

Features include:

  • Task Management: Yellowfin’s new task management system gives business users the power to raise and assign tasks from anywhere inside the Yellowfin BI platform. Users can flag data quality issues, as well as request, track and review analytic content or analysis before publishing and sharing. Yellowfin’s task management system quickly connects business needs with BI experts in the organization, while giving users complete visibility over task progression from creation through to completion.

  • Discussion Boards: Plan BI projects inside Yellowfin’s BI platform with kanban-style discussion boards that allow data analysts and other BI users to brainstorm ideas, organize responses to tasks and manage projects. Yellowfin discussion boards also enable users to visualize and organize workflow into activity streams to boost transparency, enabling users to easily monitor and communicate progress.

  • Smart Tasks: Yellowfin smart tasks improve accountability and instantly turn insight into action by automatically generating tasks from Yellowfin broadcasts. If data falls outside predefined thresholds, a task is instantly created, assigned and given a deadline for completion.

API Connectors in Yellowfin 7.2 Make Data More Accessible

Yellowfin 7.2 also includes an ”open” connector framework, enabling clients to quickly and easily build custom connectors for any third-party Web application. Additionally, Yellowfin 7.2 will ship with a range of API connectors out of the box, including pre-built reports and dashboards, for applications such as Salesforce, Xero, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Enhanced Predictive Analytics Capabilities in Yellowfin 7.2

New forecasting capabilities offer enhanced flexibility, allowing users to set the parameters used to create a model, which enables faster and more accurate forecasting. Changes to trend analysis allow users to easily plot the relationship between two variables on a chart to instantly identify a trend. Finally, users can now automatically plot an average value on a chart by simply selecting to show an average for a particular metric.

For an overview of the updates in Yellowfin 7.2, download the Yellowfin 7.2 overview brochure at For more information, visit

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