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Interesting articles we found about the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, data science, privacy, and big data.

New Trends in IoT
(Source: Datamation)

As the IoT gains more and more relevance, new technologies and services for it will start to spring up. Gartner recently released their picks for the top ten technologies that will have an impact for the IoT and this article covers Gartner's key findings.

Avoiding Data Analytics Traps
(Source: Information Management)

Data analytics is not a cure-all, but it can work some miracles if used correctly. Teams with effective analytics are doing more with less, and your enterprise can, too, if you avoid five of the most common traps of data analytics.

The Major Struggles of the IoT
(Source: Network Computing)

What the IoT is expected to do next year is great reading material, but it does not actually mean anything to your enterprise right now. It turns out that the IoT rollout has not been as smooth as was hoped, and this article covers the major problems with the introduction of the technology.

Effective Data Science Without the Data Scientist
(Source: Forbes)

Of course, if your enterprise does not have an official data scientist, it is still possible to gain much from data science. This article is all about building an effective data science team even without the cornerstone scientist.

Data Analytics vs. Privacy
(Source: CMO)

Data analytics can only be as effective as the data it collects. For the most part, it has not been tricky to get consumers to give up their information, but many factors -- from the public data breaches to new regulations -- threaten that original trust between consumer and enterprise. This article reviews the major problems that big data is threatened by due to this social shift and foresees other concerns as well.

What Machine Learning Means for Data Analytics
(Source: Information Management)

Data analytics is currently a job for a person, but in the pursuit of efficiency, some enterprises hope to craft a robot that can more effectively analyze the huge amount of data produced every day. This article covers the progress of this revolution and the future of machine learning in analytics.

IoT and Big Data Go Hand-in-Hand
(Source: Forbes)

The IoT and big data are both the practices of the future, but not enough enterprises are picturing the two working together in harmony. This article discusses how the IoT can breathe new life into big data.

Re-finding Business Intelligence in the 21st Century
(Source: Computer Weekly)

BI has changed with the advent of big data. It has become much harder to get the same leverage past BI tools gave because of the rise of unstructured data. This article covers how to bring BI into the 21st century by using modern tools to combat this modern problem.

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