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Data Digest: Demystifying Unstructured Data, Data Quality and the Customer Experience, and 10 Must Haves for Data Integration

Getting useful insight from that pile of data you're collecting is worth it; here's how to do it right. Plus, a survey on the customer experience and the part data quality plays and 10 characteristics every modern data integration program must have.

Demystifying Unstructured Data for Better Insight

An enormous amount of data (nearly 80%) in the enterprise is unstructured. Getting useful insight from that pile of data is difficult, but well worth the effort if done right. This article offers some ways to crack unstructured data for effective insight.


Trying to Improve the Customer Experience? Improve Data Quality First

Providing a good customer experience is fundamental to making a good enterprise, but according to recent surveys, poor data quality and integration have been wreaking havoc on improving the customer experience. This article reviews the survey and offers solutions.


Data Integration: 10 Must Haves

Computing services and cloud-based software have shaken up the traditional ways of data integration. Now, new efficient and effective integration practices have taken their place.  This article reviews the 10 characteristics a modern data integration program must have.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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