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Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on data visualizations, big data, cloud computing, competitive intelligence, and open source.

Common Pitfalls of Data Visualizations
(Source: Kdnuggets)

Effective data visualizations lead to greater understanding of data as a whole. Unfortunately, many enterprises are struggling to create visualizations that are useful, let alone powerful. This article discusses the most common errors in creating data visualizations and how to avoid making them.

Big Data Requires Open Source and Open Architecture Together
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Big data is far too large for there to be a choice between using open source or open architecture. Rather, the only option is to use open source and open architecture to get the most out of big data, as this article persuasively argues.

Big Data Projects Increasingly Successful but Not Reaching Full Potential
(Source: CIO)

As with the expansion of big data, so too is the expansion of enterprises adopting big data practices. A recent study found that most adopting enterprises (72 percent) have had their projects exceed expectations, yet not all that data is being harnessed. This article shows that enterprises still have yet to unlock big data's full potential, but it is close to happening.

Are Personal Clouds a Good Policy?
(Source: Information Age)

The shift to the cloud and the ever-growing adoption of BYOD has ended up combining the two policies into one, where every employee gets their own personal cloud. This article examines the risks and challenges involved in mixing the two without thought.

Use Competitive Intelligence to Stay Afloat
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

The business world is fast and mean. Making sure your enterprise can outlast others is difficult if you have no information about them. This article recommends looking into competitive intelligence, which is business intelligence collected on other enterprises, to rise above the competition in the modern age.

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