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Data Digest: Analytics and Security, Preventing Ransomware, and Solving Top Data Obstacles

Data analytics alone doesn't provide enough security, plus stopping ransomware attacks on your data plus solutions to the top data obstacles of 2016.

More than Analytics Necessary for Security
(Source: Dark Reading)

Data analytics can solve practically any problem, but the notion that they can be used for both business intelligence and security at the same time is flawed. This article goes over why encryption and other traditional security systems are still necessary for proper security.


How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks from Ruining Your Data
(Source: Computer Weekly)

The first article in today’s Digest discussed general security. This article focuses on stopping ransomware attacks, which seem poised to be the next big thing in the hacking world.


Solutions to the Top Data Obstacles in 2016
(Source: Venture Beat)

Big data is primed to get bigger this year. Not only that, but with the IoT and predictive analytics becoming trendy, there are plenty of other data challenges to worry about. This article discusses the three big trials of big data for the coming year and how to overcome them.

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Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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