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Paxata Announces Winter Release

New release underscores commitment to industry standards and open source innovation with additional machine learning capabilities that enable continued ease-of-use.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Paxata has announced the availability of its Winter ’15 product release. Delivered on a flexible platform, the latest version provides business analysts with comprehensive data preparation capabilities and governance and administrative controls.

Supported by enterprise-grade security and a multi-tenant governance model, the Winter release gives administrators the ability to deploy Paxata in heterogeneous environments including the Hortonworks Data Platform on YARN and with multiple flavors of Apache Spark. The latest version also significantly improves how business analysts can find, access, and apply data by delivering additional one-click capabilities powered by machine learning innovations.

Designed to improve the business analyst experience, the Winter release supports new, easy-to-use visual data transformations. These include auto number that automatically creates unique identifiers and fill down that intelligently detects missing values in a column caused by aggregation and fills them in. The solution includes sophisticated machine learning and other advanced algorithms such as improved accuracy and performance for recommendations. It also includes expanded coverage for multiple dataset use cases, and enhancements to facilitate new business scenarios with complex textual data such as product catalog descriptions.

With enterprise-grade multi-tenant governance capabilities, Paxata eliminates the security and control concerns IT and business users face with traditional desktop applications. Using Paxata, business teams operate with greater security without having to change how they access the system. Administrators can leverage their organizations’ existing investments in authentication and authorization and still retain complete flexibility with per-tenant governance schemes and the ability to delegate application-specific group creation to trusted end-users. More specifically the Winter release:

  • Integrates with LDAP: Allows administrators to manage application access and user roles with their existing trusted central directory services via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-compliant integration for both authentication and authorization.

  • Integrates with SAML for SSO: Lets administrators leverage Paxata’s industry standard SAML 2.x integration which allows users to login to Paxata without entering any credentials via Single-Sign On capabilities common among other business-critical applications.

  • Provides dynamic provisioning: Gives administrators the freedom to provision new users and groups in Paxata selected from their central and trusted LDAP directory. Paxata syncs directly to existing authentication and authorization providers for the most up-to-date status for users joining, switching groups, and leaving the organization and avoids the common sync challenges found in static systems and ensures unified user management.

Paxata’s open, flexible architecture offers critical capabilities for enterprises with mixed Hadoop environments across the business for different data storage and processing scenarios. Paxata’s latest release can be run on Apache Spark deployed on YARN for optimized cluster usage. This allows administrators to maximize their existing hardware investments by co-locating Paxata with other Spark-based technologies, and flexibly adjust resources allocated to Paxata.

The Winter release also provides full support for the Hortonworks Data Platform, which enables complete capabilities for data ingest, outputs and processing. Now, Hortonworks customers can leverage the industry’s leading interactive, visual, business analyst-centric data preparation experience. Finally, the solution provides multiple, simultaneous Hadoop cluster support for data import and data publish. Unlike other Hadoop ecosystem applications, which can only connect to only one version of one distribution at a time, Paxata can connect to multiple versions of Cloudera and Hortonworks clusters simultaneously. This allows data input from any supported HDFS and allows AnswerSets to be published out to any other supported HDFS destination, and supports data migration scenarios across various Hadoop and non-Hadoop systems.

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