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Best of TDWI's Data Digest

Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on big data, advanced analytics, data scientists, and data visualizations.

How to Implement Big Data Cheaply and Efficiently
(Source: Database)

With the New Year comes resolutions. The most common resolution in startups is to implement a big data plan. This article offers three suggestions for doing so and not break the bank.

Predicting Big Data's Place in 2016
(Source: ADT Magazine)

There is still much to be excited about with regards to big data in 2016. This article rounds up industry-leader perspectives about what 2016 will entail for big data.

An Introduction to Sentiment Analysis
(Source: KDnuggets)

Sentiment analysis refers to using analytics to understand what a speaker or writer meant. This article reviews its useful application in the enterprise.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Data Scientists
(Source: Forbes)

Data scientist was the hot new job of 2015. Yet a shroud of mystery seems to surround these new workers. What exactly do they do? This article goes in-depth about what data scientists are capable of and what your enterprise stands to gain when hiring one.

Effective Analytics Is All About Asking the Right Questions
(Source: Business World)

Considering the ever-increasing mass of data, it can be hard to start your analysis. This article recommends you think of the right question to ask big data before you begin. That way, you can get the right answer for your specific needs.

Emphasize the End Goal when Building Data Visualizations
(Source: Tech Target)

Data visualization can be an extremely powerful tool. However, recent studies show that few enterprises are using it effectively. This article claims that keeping in mind the visualization's end user while creating it will go a long way in making useful data visualizations.

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