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Interesting articles we found on the Web focus on advanced analytics and visualization, data security and archiving, the Internet of Things, and data quality.

Turning Data into Action and Value
(Source: Datamation)

Collecting large amounts of data is all well and good, but, no matter how much you collect, without a strategic vision of what to do with the data, it will be useless. This article offers case studies in which big data led unexpectedly to advancements in an enterprise and gives strategic ideas that any enterprise can use.

Creating and Maintaining Clean Data
(Source: Business 2 Community)

Bad, unclean data is useless. However, polishing your data into something useable is tough. This article gives ten top tips for creating a clean CRM, but these tips can be extrapolated to keeping clean databases no matter what the form is.

The Risks of BYOD
(Source: Dark Reading)

BYOD is the new attitude for most enterprises. This approach allows for freedom in the workforce and some cost-cutting, but also brings some security risks. This article reviews the major risks of the BYOD policy and how to minimize them.

Cash in on Big Data without Bias
(Source: Datanami)

Successful use of big data and smart gambling have surprisingly similar strategies, according to this article. Being able to separate the outcome from the right decision is what enterprises must do in the casino as well as with big data.

Comparing Data Analytics Software: What's Best for You?
(Source: Tech Target)

Choosing the right data analytics software for your enterprise is difficult given the huge number of options available. This article runs down your most important considerations and offers links in-depth articles that cover that section further, making for a valuable guide to buying the right software.

Turning the IoT into Insight
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

The IoT revolution is in its early stages, but it is never too early to start gaining insight from the IoT through analytics. This article provides eight broad ideas about how to start analyzing the IoT effectively.

Outstanding Illustrations of Well-Done Data Visualizations
(Source: Maptive)

Visualization is not only a crucial part of a data scientist's job; if done right, it also can simplify highly complex sets of data and make them understandable to everyone. This article shows eight strong examples of complex data visualized that may give your enterprise ideas for how to visualize your data.

Keeping the Peace in Data Archiving and Compliance
(Source: Information Age)

Data is becoming the lifeblood of many enterprises, and with that increasing importance come compliance laws about data archiving. Compliance is a key issue for many enterprises that has led to fights between the IT and the legal department. This article offers tips for avoiding this skirmish altogether.

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