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Data Digest: News as Data, Hidden Potential of Unstructured Data, and Information Governance

How to turn news into big data for your enterprise, plus making the most of unstructured data, and the push for information governance amid cybersecurity concerns.

Information Governance for Security, Risk Management, and BI
(Source: Forbes)

Data is turning into the most valuable asset for many enterprises, which is why keeping that information safe is a top priority. The newest trend in cybersecurity is information governance, enterprisewide policies for data management that can provide benefits in more ways than just security.


Using News as Free Data
(Source: Datanami)

On the Internet, there is an incredible wealth of information published every day in the form of news reports and blog posts. Some enterprises have noticed that and are starting to use these published pieces as data to collect and analyze for their own purposes. If properly used, this data can supplement the main data your enterprise collects.

Making the Most out of Unstructured Data
(Source: Cloud Tweaks)

Understanding your unstructured data -- data that cannot be easily processed by computers -- may be the key to getting a leg up on your competition. There’s plenty of potential hidden within customer responses that need to be gleaned through text and sentiment analysis, and it is up to the CIO to initiate that process.

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