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Best of TDWI's Data Digest

Online articles about data analytics, self-service analytics, big data, and the Internet of things we found interesting this week.

Solving Genetic Variation with Data Analytics

(Source: Xconomy)

Due to genetic variation among patients, doctors are forced to waste money figuring out which drugs are most effective for a particular patient. Celgene is trying to avoid this problem by using data analytics to get the correct medicine to the right patient on the first try.

A Key to Enterprisewide Self-Service Analytics Adoption: Start Small and Customize

(Source: Tech Target)

Usually, the hardest part after buying self-service analytic tools comes after installing the software. Adoption across an enterprise is difficult, which is why, right now, BI teams are attempting to design their tools specifically for adoption across an enterprise.

Avoiding the Data Flood from Connecting to the IoT

(Source: Tech Crunch)

Three quarters of executives said in a recent study that IoT initiatives have been undertaken in their companies. However, without investing in the right areas of the IoT, enterprises are likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of data they will receive. This article offers three ways to make sure you know how much to invest in the IoT.

Finding Opportunities with the Right Kind of Big Data

(Source: Fed Tech Magazine)

As the IoT grows larger, it produces more data to sift through. However, that data signifies what the customer wants; with it, enterprises don't have to tell people what they want, people tell enterprises what they want. It is up to businesses to capitalize on the opportunities the data provides.

Synchronizing Static and Streaming Data to Maximize Analytics

(Source: Information Week)

To get the most out of static and streaming data, it takes good analytics. The government is blending static and streaming data through data analytics in order to piece together potential threats. If government agencies can do that, think about the implications of what blending static and streaming data can do for your enterprise.

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