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Wizeline’s Enterprise Offering Drives Fast, Intelligent Product Development

New offering enables large enterprises to innovate faster, reduce product development waste, and gain direct visibility into the status of their product portfolios and business units.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Wizeline, a product intelligence solutions provider, today announced the public availability of a new offering designed for enterprise customers that enables large organizations to make intelligent, data-driven decisions in each stage of the product life cycle, identify and reduce wasteful R&D spending, and maximize return on their product development investments.

Today’s large enterprises often lack efficiency, speed, and visibility in their product development processes. Critical business decisions are informed by incomplete or dated information, leading to misinformed strategies, poorly allocated budgets, and misaligned priorities. As a result, market-leading companies across industries are spending upwards of 60 percent of their R&D budget on projects that never drive real value for their business.

Wizeline addresses these problems with software solutions designed to manage full product portfolios across multiple business units, with the tooling required for enabling structured collaboration at scale. As a result, company leaders are able to make swift, well-informed product decisions that support their business goals and drastically reduce product development waste.

“Managing the product life cycle at large companies is highly complex and, in many cases, incredibly wasteful.” said Matt Pasienski, Wizeline’s director of product. “Wizeline’s enterprise offering delivers new, powerful insights. Our new All Products Roadmap, for instance, enables decision-makers to identify and track successful product development efforts in one product line or business, and translate them to other lines, products, or markets. ”

Noteworthy enhancements to Wizeline’s enterprise platform include advanced user administration controls, a powerful CRM integration with Salesforce that provides a clear understanding of customer needs and market opportunities, and intelligent tools for managing product requests, releases, and road maps.

Wizeline not only drives a faster and more-efficient product development process, it gives executives direct visibility into the current status and performance of all products and upcoming features, revealing the true drivers of company success. The result is greater strategic alignment and a more productive product development investment.

In establishing a centralized platform for product management, Wizeline helps enterprises extract greater value out of existing infrastructure and processes. Its cloud-based platform serves as an intelligence layer for a company’s existing software, including Atlassian JIRA, Google Analytics, or an existing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. Wizeline makes it possible to extract valuable data from these existing systems, combine it with customer and market information, and present unique product development insights in a strategic, actionable context.  

The latest platform enhancements complement Wizeline Enterprise Solutions, which pair Wizeline technology with its expert services teams, which provide custom development, data science, and product strategy consulting support for large customers.

About Wizeline

Wizeline is a product intelligence company. Its data analytics and product management solutions help companies make autonomous business decisions that drive the development of winning products. Wizeline customers include Fairfax Media, Sefaira, News Corp, and many others. Founded in 2013, Wizeline brings together decades of experience from companies such as Google, Ooyala and AppNexus.  For more information, visit

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