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Enfocus Announces New Enterprise Services for Increasing Business Agility

Enfocus Solutions’ new set of professional services are designed for enterprises to improve their business agility.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Enfocus Solutions understands organizations must be able to rapidly respond to change to meet customer needs. Recent trends suggest implementing agile best practices across the organization yields great results, but many organizations are still struggling to achieve agility throughout their enterprise. In addition to their SaaS offering, Enfocus Solutions now offers a complete set of enterprise services to increase business agility in the organization and enable successful business change.

“Assuming implementing agile only pertains to software teams is one of the biggest challenges related to scaling agile to the enterprise,” said CEO John Parker. “Our services help organizations apply agile to other IT areas that are not software development, such as ERP and infrastructure.”  

According to Parker, there are many benefits of implementing agile across the organization; among the most important are cost control, risk reduction, and rapid ROI.  Enfocus Solutions provides professional development for scaling agile to the enterprise, specializing in enabling change in all areas of the organization. Subscribers to Enfocus Solutions’ new enterprise services will receive guidance in defining a comprehensive strategy and approach for business agility that will work for their organization.

Enfocus Solutions’ basic set of services is focused on the four core components of business agility, according to Enfocus Solutions’ Lean Business Agility Framework:

  • Service strategy and design: Learn how to define offerings within the service portfolio and identify service enhancements that will meet needs and delight customers. Also, learn how to create a service delivery model to define demand and supply management for a group of services, and learn to determine how services are to be optimized to meet customer needs and provide operational efficiency.

  • Customer needs validation: Learn the best practices of discovering and documenting customer personas and their needs through a series of hypotheses and assumptions. Then, learn how to test those assumptions using minimum viable products (MVPs) and validated learning techniques. Also, learn how to understand and optimize the customer experience through proven techniques such as touchpoints and the customer journey.

  • Enterprise agile delivery: Learn how to implement agile portfolio and program management by defining, prioritizing, and managing the epic backlog, feature backlog, and releases. Also, learn the best practices of communication and collaboration between software developers and IT operations to support rapid and continuous deployment of releases.

  • Business change management: Learn the best ways to collaboratively manage your business architecture and maintain the necessary information to assess impacts, gaps, and risks, ensuring necessary business changes are managed. Also, learn techniques and best practices of lean change management to increase transparency and visibility of change.

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