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Actuate Launches BIRT Analytics

Fast, free-form visual data mining and predictive analytics tool for business users provides faster insights from any data source -- including big data

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Actuate Corporation has released BIRT Analytics, a visual data mining and predictive analytics solution that dramatically streamlines sophisticated data analysis and puts it in the hands of business users.

BIRT Analytics provides analysts and business users with agility and advanced functionality to make better, more timely decisions in an age of big data by providing an intuitive, managed self-service environment for getting answers. The product delivers the ease-of-use and flexibility of visual data discovery tools with the sophisticated statistics and complex algorithmic power of advanced analytics tools that typically are reserved for data scientists. BIRT Analytics is the latest addition to ActuateOne, Actuate’s BIRT-based suite of commercial products, enabling users across the organization to participate in improving vital business processes.

Analytics is ultimately about solving business problems. With BIRT Analytics, a business person can find their own answers and formulate new questions to explore. By putting the business user in charge, without having to depend on a data scientist or an IT department, analytics becomes more appealing, timely, and valuable.

BIRT Analytics is suited to organizations with an innate analytic attitude or inquiring culture and in dynamic sectors where rapid action on insights is a competitive requirement. Users are encouraged to explore without having to adhere to prescriptive data schemas or being hindered by linear querying pathways. They can see and experience all their data in a single location, and even integrate third-party data sources without the need to program, model, or otherwise pre-process data. In very little time, end users can take personal pride in their own findings -- their own information independence -- and be wowed by insights they derive from their data.

As Pete Cittadini, CEO and president of Actuate Corporation explains, “Analytics is as valuable as the problems it solves. We truly believe that by putting analytics in the hands of business users, they feel more empowered because of the answers they identify. These insights have profound organizational impact, dramatically reducing the business latency typically associated with data mining.”

Notable Features

BIRT Analytics provides business-driven visual data mining and predictive analytics tools and:

  • Ensures speed and agility in every aspect of analytics, from data connectivity and loading to processing the results of sophisticated analytic queries, thereby helping to keep organizations ahead of the competition
  • Empowers the business user with both predictive analytics and visual data discovery

  • Creates Pareto distributions, Venn diagrams, predictions, trend lines and forecasts in moments without requiring mastery of a special analytic language such as R or SAS

  • Works with all types of data, without pre-modeling or sampling and scales to support billions of data records making it ideal for big data business analytics

  • Assumes no specific data structure, schema, or architecture, instead offering a flexible, non-imposing data architecture

  • Shares its data and insights with ActuateOne’s published dashboards, scorecards, interactive reporting, and mobile presentations to circulate key insights for collaboration and action

  • Connects to social and Internet data sources including Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and CheetahMail.

Pricing and Availability

BIRT Analytics is available immediately. It is licensed using a combination of a base license, the number of data rows being analyzed and the number of end users. More resources, including a product demonstration are available here.

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