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IBM Launches New Class of Analytics Software To Improve Decision Making

Analytical Decision Management solution automatically correlates, analyzes big data so enterprises can embed hyper intelligence into every business decision.

Note: TDWI's editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

IBM today announced new predictive analytics software that automatically correlates and analyzes big data to help clients embed hyper intelligence into every business decision. In addition to generating insights on internal data in just seconds, the software measures the impact of social networking channels and factors this information into organizational decision making.

The software represents a new class of decision management capabilities that improves how organizations gain, share, and take action based on information gathered as part of business processes such as marketing, claims processing, and fraud detection. In these, and other data-rich areas -- where decisions are made daily -- the software will put forward the next best action to front-line employees ensuring optimal interactions and outcomes.

The new Analytical Decision Management software, part of a series of IBM Smarter Analytics initiatives, helps clients apply automated, real-time analytics into any operational data no matter where it resides, and instantly analyzes it to uncover trends and expose hidden paths to growth. As a result, insights can now be automated, socialized, and used for predictive decision making.

In a single platform, IBM has combined power of business rules, predictive analytics and optimization techniques, through intuitive interfaces that allow users to focus on specific business problems. The resulting decision can be consumed by existing pre-packaged or custom-built applications, including many applications on the mainframe. The platform also takes advantage of IBM InfoSphere Streams technology where big data can be analyzed and shared in motion, providing real-time decision making in environments where thousands of decisions can be made every second.

IBM is also extending the powerful analytical functionality of its newest Entity Analytic capabilities. Previously geared to sophisticated organizations and projects, the technology is now being made available to business users at all levels as part of IBM’s new Decision Management Platform. This feature, especially well suited for big data environments, is an analytics engine that enables identity matching, pinpointing and connecting relationships between all entities (people, places, or things), making systems smarter as more information becomes available. Unlike traditional methods, the IBM Entity Analytic capabilities are context based and accumulate knowledge, resulting in a more accurate picture, better models, and better outcomes. This ability to understand how the data relates delivers higher quality models and helps to ultimately produce smarter decisions.

A new social network analytics feature enables companies to take sentiment analysis a step further by analyzing who the influencers are around any given topic, who exactly is listening, and why people should care. This feature enables decision makers to factor in how customers behave, what they say, and how big their sphere of influence is in a social network. For example, which other customers does this person know? Does this person influence others in their social network? The ability to incorporate social network analytics into the predictive models used in Analytical Decision Management helps organizations identify social leaders who can influence behavior.

More information about Analytical Decision Management is available here.

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