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Lavastorm’s Free Software Tool Delivers Agile Analytics to Business Analysts, Data Gurus

Lavastorm Desktop Public Edition makes discovery-driven, audit analytic capabilities available to analysts and business users alike.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Lavastorm Analytics has released Lavastorm Desktop Public, a free edition of the company’s Lavastorm Desktop analytic software. Unrestricted availability of Lavastorm Desktop Public brings discovery-driven, audit analytic capabilities to users of all businesses and experience.

Lavastorm Desktop Public is a visual tool that helps users combine and analyze data. The product is based on the same Lavastorm Analytics engine that powers the Lavastorm Analytics Platform and the Lavastorm Desktop Professional software products, giving users the power of an enterprise-class analytics engine on their desktop.

With Lavastorm Desktop Public, users can manipulate file-based data (such as Microsoft Excel files and delimited files) and analytic controls for acquiring, aggregating, and publishing data. Similar to the Professional edition of Lavastorm Desktop, the Public edition offers a visual, discovery-driven environment that replaces lengthy code-based development efforts with rapid, interactive configuration. This provides a free alternative to existing analytics packages, delivering greater accuracy and faster results.

Users who switched to Lavastorm Desktop from their prior analytic methods, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, benefit from:

  • Increased productivity: Lavastorm customers commonly report reducing the time to create analytics by 90 percent or more compared to underpowered analytic tools, such as standard spreadsheets and databases.

  • Greater visibility for better decision-making: By easily unifying data from enterprise systems, third-party providers, and local sources (such as spreadsheets) into a single analytic environment, analysts can rapidly achieve an unprecedented, unified view of previously siloed data sources.

  • Reduced waiting time and greater control: Business users can eliminate time spent waiting for others to integrate data or implement new analytics by enabling themselves to get to work immediately on finding new insights to optimize their business.

Users of Lavastorm Desktop Public can easily upgrade to Lavastorm Desktop Professional or the enterprise, server-based edition of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine software when their analytic needs grow more complex or require greater scale. A comparison of the Lavastorm Desktop editions is available here.

To download a free copy of Lavastorm Desktop Public, please visit

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