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Yellowfin 6 Makes BI, Data Analysis Easier

Includes new native application for iPads.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

The latest version of Yellowfin -- Yellowfin 6 -- includes a new iPad application and several consumer-oriented user interface (UI) improvements that will help people develop and consume BI content more easily.

According to Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, “Yellowfin 6 takes advantage of the latest in consumer Web technologies to present enterprise data in a way that empowers people of all business backgrounds to conduct independent data analysis, build reports, share and act on data.”

A key enhancement to this major release is a new native application for the iPad that delivers a unique consumer-oriented mobile reporting and analytics experience.

Users can subscribe to and save favorite reports, filter results, drill down and through data and set alerts. The new application also embraces Yellowfin’s author once, consume anywhere approach – any reports created via the browser are immediately ready for mobile distribution.

A completely restyled User Interface (UI) offers enhanced navigability and takes advantage of the iPad’s native functionality, multi-touch interface and large screen. Users can view all their dashboard tabs and favorites with a single swipe, and a drop-down inbox allows users to control all information delivery, access, and dissemination from one central location. The new UI also makes knowledge sharing easier, allowing users to comment on and e-mail reports with a few simple touches.

The introduction of offline mode further embraces the notion of anywhere, anytime reporting, allowing data to be stored on individual mobile devices. Offline mode can be enabled or disabled depending on the security protocols of individual client organizations.

Enriched analytical capabilities include the introduction of series selection and section reports.

Yellowfin offers customers the ability to receive mobile analytics out-of-the-box, on any device or platform, via native applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android platform and new HTML 5 integration.

Syndicated dashboards allows users to embed a report or dashboard in platforms or applications outside the BI solution, such as a wiki, blog, or Web page. Additional features include “drill anywhere” (allows users to drill down to the detail of all data sources and types within a database) and improvements to the drag-and-drop report builder to make independent report building faster and easier

Yellowfin 6 is available now. For more information, visit

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