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Starview Enterprise Platform Provides “Best Next Action” Advice for Data-Drenched Enterprises

New platform for real-time business analytics and optimization.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Starview Inc., a business analytics and optimization platform (BAOP) provider, has released its Starview Enterprise Platform, a packaged enterprise platform for real-time business analytics and optimization for today’s data-drenched enterprise.

The Starview Enterprise Platform enables companies to sift, monitor, and analyze data, then identify the “best next action” for faster, better-informed decisions. Starview’s platform-centric approach offers a packaged alternative to today’s custom-built business analytics and intelligence solutions which are complex, piecemeal, and extremely expensive and difficult to maintain.

Benefits allow enterprises in a variety of industries to:

  • Energy and Utilities: Create Smart Grids that reduce carbon footprint while promoting a greener planet; meet compliance regulations and avoid disasters by monitoring the states of pipelines and drilling platforms. To view a demo of a Smart Grid operating in a real-time environment, visit:

  • Financial Services: Deploy solutions for intelligent predictive trading that maximizes profit and for ensuring payments and funds in large transaction processing institutions are completed and bleed is eliminated.

  • Manufacturing: Identify opportunities to conserve resources and virtually eliminate waste through real-time predictive actions that ensure 100 percent throughput and the highest levels of quality.

  • Telecommunications: Pinpoint and maximize new revenue opportunities and competitively differentiate in a market that is rapidly becoming commoditized.

The Starview Enterprise Platform comes complete with all of the components required to enable measurable business value in multiple lines of business across a wide array of industries. Starview’s patented technology is over a decade in the making and ensures a rapid time to deployment, cross-enterprise scalability, and a lower cost of ownership than custom-built solutions.

The Starview Enterprise Platform provides:

  • Platform-centric packaging that supports multiple industries and process-driven applications that can be deployed within a specific line of business as well across the whole of the enterprise

  • Business event processing that provides the ability to process large amounts of fluid data, maintain those transactions in memory and then trigger the optimal action

  • Scalable, standards-based architecture that takes advantage of existing enterprise architecture and investments

  • Support for in-use business intelligence applications, industry-specific applications, and unique business rules

  • Compact and complete architecture that combines features of event processing, analytics, real-time decisioning and optimization, adaptors and a rules-based interactive development environment

  • Rich, graphical management tools that make deployment, simulation, testing, reporting, and the whole of the development lifecycle easy to manage

The Starview Enterprise Platform is available under enterprise licensing pricing programs as well as enterprise subscription licensing. For more information, visit

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