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Letter from the Editorial Director

This new edition of What Works is a special issue focused on the healthcare industry. What Works in Healthcare offers a fresh, topically focused collection of customer success stories and expert perspectives about the BI/DW tools, technologies, and methods that are central to the healthcare industry today.

Here’s what you will find inside:


What Works case studies present snapshots of the most innovative BI/DW implementations in the industry today. The case studies included in this volume demonstrate the power of BI/DW technologies and solutions for the healthcare, medical device, pharmacy, and insurance industries.


Included in this issue of What Works are articles from leading experts in the services, software, and hardware vendor communities. These lessons provide perspectives about BI/DW best practices and trends in the healthcare industry.


Our Q&A with the Experts section presents answers from these same experts to the question, “What’s the biggest obstacle to success with business intelligence and analytics in healthcare, and what do you recommend that organizations do to overcome it?”


In “Healthcare Transformation: The Expanding Roles of BI, Analytics, and Data Warehousing,” David Stodder, TDWI Research director for business intelligence, explores some of the key drivers and challenges affecting the use of BI, analytics, and DW in the healthcare industry. Stodder writes that turmoil in the healthcare industry has led to contentious debates, at the center of which is what to do about data: how to realize its value for patient care and cost management, how to share it, and how to protect it.

This issue of What Works also features an article by Linda L. Briggs. In “Cardiac Patient Data Helps Small Hospital Compete,” Briggs explores how a small San Francisco hospital has shown that good data and analytics can improve outcomes for cardiovascular patients.

What Works in Healthcare also includes a special Q&A with 2010 TDWI Best Practice Awards winners. In this section, we catch up with some of the winners in the field of healthcare to see how their BI/DW implementations have progressed over the past year.

We hope you enjoy this collection of case studies, best practices, and expert insight focused on the healthcare industry. We look forward to your comments. If there is anything we can do to make this publication more valuable to you, please let us know. And please join me in thanking the companies that have shared their stories and successes, their technology insights, and the lessons they have learned.

Denelle Hanlon
Editorial Director, What Works in Healthcare

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