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Netezza TwinFin i-Class Appliance Extends Data Warehouse to Advanced Analytics

Extensions to base TwinFin product for development, execution of advanced analytics including support for Java, C++, FORTRAN, Python, MapReduce, Hadoop, SAS, R

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Netezza Corporation has released the Netezza TwinFin(i) appliance, a development and execution platform that lets analytical applications run inside the appliance and close to the data. Based on Netezza’s data streaming technology, the Netezza TwinFin(i) appliance executes complex analytics in parallel within the database on extremely large data sets, significantly reducing costs and eliminating errors and delays associated with moving data into specialized databases for advanced analytics. The Netezza TwinFin(i) appliance brings advanced analytics to a broader user community.

Noting that advanced analytics is complex and managing large data volumes is challenging,” Jim Baum, president and CEO of Netezza, said, “The traditional databases underpinning this analysis simply cannot cope. Based on unique technology that combines big data with big math, the TwinFin(i) platform speaks the language of advanced analytics -- allowing more people to more deeply analyze more data.”

“The Netezza TwinFin(i) plays a significant role in accelerating business processes supported by SAS. Complex models built with SAS are deployed faster, not only reducing latency in complex decision-making, but also freeing up analysts’ time so they can focus more on modeling,” said Keith Collins, SAS senior vice president and chief technology officer. “The increased scalability and performance capabilities of the TwinFin(i) allows this analysis to be conducted faster, by larger user populations, against more data.”

The massively parallel processing architecture of the Netezza TwinFin(i) appliance powers and simplifies the computational complexity of big data when building and applying advanced analytics in parallel. The appliance enables customers and partners to easily create analytic applications using industry proven tools, such as SAS, traditional programming languages (Java, C++, Python, FORTRAN), new programming environments (MapReduce, Hadoop), and open source tools such as R.

TwinFin(i) provides plug-ins to the Eclipse integrated development environment and the R graphical user interface for development support using Netezza’s simple appliance paradigm.

Partners developing advanced applications for the TwinFin(i) platform include SAS, TIBCO Spotfire, MicroStrategy, Pursway (formerly Datanetis), DemandTec, and QuantiSense.

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