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QlikView 9 Improves Usability, Time to Value

Updated version offers on-premise, cloud, and mobile deployments, enhances enterprise scalability and manageability

QlikTech has released its flagship BI product, QlikView Version 9 that accesses and analyzes real-time operational data to provide meaningful business answers. QlikView 9 is designed to meet the needs of business and power users and works equally well in any size deployment and on any platform. The software can be accessed anywhere and at any time, including on-premise, in the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device.

QlikView 9 can be deployed in the cloud to further speed time to value, scale capacity on the fly, and lower upfront cost structures. QlikView 9 in the cloud provides elastic scalability, platform neutrality, and no infrastructure cost. Users can be up and running with QlikView 9 in the cloud in just 15 minutes. QlikTech uses Amazon’s state-of-the-art Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Web service as its cloud backbone for the utmost in speed, reliability, and global access.

QlikView 9, now available as a mobile application, delivers an interactive mobile business intelligence experience by taking full advantage of leading devices’ native functionality. QlikView 9 supports all major mobile platforms including: the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian-based smartphones. QlikView for iPhone fully leverages the iPhone’s Multi-Touch interface and GPS features to deliver QlikView 9’s industry-defining interactive capabilities. QlikView 9 is also available on the majority of other mobile platforms through the new QlikView Java Mobile client for devices running Java Virtual Machine.

QlikView 9 offers support for larger deployments than ever through significant new manageability, performance, and scalability, real-time data, and reporting enhancements:

  • Comprehensive, highly-visual control panels give administrators a single, logical view of all QlikView Servers and modules to monitor usage and resource allocation across an entire enterprise deployment

  • Load balancing auto-senses the load on multiple, connected QlikView Servers and auto-routes users to the most appropriate instance for better memory utilization and faster query responses

  • Field frequency calculation optimization improves handling of large, complex, and concurrent queries without impeding system performance

  • Support for data sets with billions of records, ensuring support for even the largest enterprise data requirements

  • AJAX and Java thin-client collaboration support enables user s and shared objects to be distributed between all browser-based QlikView users, facilitating collaborative data sharing and analysis; everyone across an organization will work with the same version of truth

  • Data in memory is refreshed in real-time, ensuring all QlikView analyses reflect reality in critical business environments; for example,manufacturers can track plant productivity, bottlenecks and individual worker output

  • PDF report generation and distribution is seamlessly integrated into QlikView process flows, ensuring those requiring static reports automatically get them; reports are created and delivered in near real-time and can also be generated and printed by anyone using QlikView through a Web-based client

QlikView 9 Enables Anyone to Create Custom Apps

The availability of QlikView Personal Edition, a fully-functional, free downloadable QlikView developer tool (at for personal use, means creating personalized applications is no longer the exclusive domain of power users. QlikView Personal Edition provides unlimited, complete functionality. It makes it easy for anyone to develop their own QlikView applications with no previous training or technical expertise.

Users can design applications for any environment, from the largest to the smallest QlikView deployments. Accompanying the debut of QlikView Personal Edition is a new community presence at designed to support the creation and evolution of QlikView applications.

Advanced Visualization and Search

QlikView 9 makes business answers come to life with new, state-of-the-art visualizations, including detailed charting features such as spark lines, whiskers, trellis charts, and live chart backgrounds that provide more flexibility to analyze and display data than ever before.

QlikView 9 also incorporates comprehensive global search functionality, enabling users to search every QlikView field simultaneously, from anywhere in the application with a single click. As users type in their search words, QlikView instantly highlights available matches for immediate access.

Users can search hundreds of fields at once to ensure every element of their QlikView database is investigated for matches.


QlikView 9 is available now. More information is available at

About the Author

James E. Powell is the editorial director of the Business Intelligence Journal and BI This Week newsletter. You can contact him here.

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