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Enterprise Business Intelligence Defined

Enterprise business intelligence categories defined

To help you make your way throughthe many powerful case studies and“lessons from the experts” articlesin What Works in Enterprise BusinessIntelligence, we have arrangedthem into specific categories:enterprise business intelligence,operational BI, open source BI,BI for SAP, and predictive analytics.What do these terms mean, and howdo they apply to your organization?
Enterprise Business Intelligence

Enterprise business intelligence involves deploying query, reporting, and analysis capabilities to all employees who can benefit from them as well as to customers and suppliers.

Operational BI

Operational BI delivers information and insights to a broad range of users within hours or minutes or seconds for the purpose of managing or optimizing operational or timesensitive business processes.

Open Source BI

Open source BI consists of query, reporting, and analysis tools built on an open source foundation; in other words, they are free to download and use.

BI for SAP

BI for SAP includes data warehouses, reports, and analytics that run off SAP data or use SAP data warehousing and/or business intelligence tools.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses analytical models based on statistical and machine-learning algorithms to describe or predict patterns within large volumes of data to help companies better anticipate events and behavior.



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