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Write for TDWI FlashPoint Newsletter

Showcase Your Expertise

If you can offer keen insight into current business intelligence (BI), data warehousing (DW), and analytics topics, we want to hear from you. Distributed monthly via email to thousands of data professionals, TDWI FlashPoint  features unique how-to articles, key findings from TDWI Research, and tips on building and managing BI/DW teams.

Benefits of Writing for TDWI FlashPoint:

  • Exposure to our exclusive TDWI Premium Member audience
  • Author bio with your email address and business website
  • Complimentary 90-day online TDWI Premium Membership
  • Additional benefit for TDWI instructors: Call out your upcoming courses with links to course descriptions on our conference websites

Submission Guidelines

Articles for TDWI FlashPoint should address common issues faced by BI/DW practitioners and offer solid, field-tested advice that can help our readers deal with these challenges.

Articles should be:

  • Original, unpublished work
  • Vendor neutral
  • 600–800 words
  • Primarily text only; limited use of charts or graphs is OK
  • Include a brief author bio (about 35 words) that includes your current company, title, and email address

Editorial acceptance:

  • All articles are reviewed by TDWI FlashPoint editors before they are accepted for publication.
  • Editors will copyedit the final manuscript to conform to TDWI's standards of grammar, style, format, and length.
  • Articles must not have been published previously without the knowledge of the publisher. Submission of a manuscript implies author's assurance that the same work has not been, will not be, and is not currently submitted elsewhere.
  • Authors will be required to sign a release form before the article is published; this agreement is available upon request.
  • TDWI FlashPoint will not publish articles that market, advertise, or promote one particular product or company.

Writing Tips

Writing a good column is an art. The first columns you write may take more time and effort than you anticipate, so plan ahead. The best columns are those where you have a very clear opinion or understanding of an issue. One good way to find these topics is to review one of your recent presentations and pick a compelling PowerPoint slide or two. Then write what you normally say to the audience about the slide(s). Add a good introduction and conclusion and you're done!

Two other words of advice: (1) envision your audience (in this case, BI/DW project managers/professionals) and write to them; and (2) be prescriptive, not just descriptive. The column should tell the audience what action to take as a result of what you've said or described.

  • Please include your current company, title, and email address in a 35-word bio.
  • If you are a TDWI faculty member and have an upcoming course at a TDWI conference, please point this out so we can include a link to the course description.


For guidance on topics or to discuss your ideas, please contact:

James E. Powell
Editorial Director, TDWI

Submit articles to:

James Haley
Production Editor, TDWI

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