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Q&A: Data Governance Strategies

Data governance establishes policies and procedures for sharing data, as well asimproving data’s quality, structure, and auditability.

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Any time data crosses an organizational boundary—either internally or to outside parties such as customers or regulatory bodies—it should be governed. In today’s “age of accountability,” demands are ever higher for strict oversight for data usage, quality, privacy, and security. In addition, there are compliance and accountability requirements that organizations must worry about.

Many organizations are turning to data governance (DG) to address these concerns. Data governance establishes policies and procedures for sharing data, as well as improving data’s quality, structure, and auditability. Data governance can also enable an organization to treat data as an organizational asset.

We spoke with Philip Russom, senior manager of TDWI Research, about his research and findings into best practices for data governance.

This article originally appeared in the issue of Transforming Data with Intelligence.

About the Author

Philip Russom, Ph.D., is senior director of TDWI Research for data management and is a well-known figure in data warehousing, integration, and quality, having published over 600 research reports, magazine articles, opinion columns, and speeches over a 20-year period. Before joining TDWI in 2005, Russom was an industry analyst covering data management at Forrester Research and Giga Information Group. He also ran his own business as an independent industry analyst and consultant, was a contributing editor with leading IT magazines, and a product manager at database vendors. His Ph.D. is from Yale. You can reach him by email (, on Twitter (, and on LinkedIn (

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