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TDWI Radio News: Deconstructing the Appliance Model

With a reported 70 customers, 150 installations and 200 employees, appliance vendor Netezza seems to be getting somewhere. What gives?

Hosted by Eric Kavanagh

If customers are always right, then the data warehouse appliance model can legitimately claim viability. That’s because numerous vendors now play in that space, including pioneer Netezza, which currently boasts some 70 customers, 150 boxes shipped and a respectable 200 employees. To learn more about what’s happening in this new and burgeoning realm, we tapped Bill Blake, senior vice president for product development for Netezza.

In this TDWI Radio News interview, you’ll learn:

  • Netezza’s take on their improving prospects
  • What “asymmetric massively parallel processing” is all about
  • low-down on “intelligent query streaming”
  • caching is not your friend, at least in this world
  • And what would prevent someone from mimicking Netezza’s solution

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