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Implementing Cloud Migration of a BI Tool

July 20, 2018

Organizations are always looking to improve their operations with the most technologically advanced, yet most cost-effective solutions. This applies to the area of business intelligence and reporting as well. It is quickly becoming a norm for companies to migrate their data to the cloud, and we can expect a similar trend for companies to use those cloud services for their BI and reporting needs. DataFactZ had the opportunity to oversee this type of implementation for one of the Midwest’s biggest food distribution companies.

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We've Automated Data Migration So You Don't Have To

July 20, 2018

A leading pharmaceutical company was tasked with migrating critical manufacturing data from a legacy system to a new management platform. Given the complexities involved in data migration, the company decided to team up with DataFactZ to move its existing SSIS to a new data integration platform, and benefit from the seamless data integration solutions offered.

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Embedded Analytics for Dummies Qlik Special Edition

July 3, 2018

This book outlines the factors that your organization should consider before rolling out embedded analytics.

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Harnessing the Cloud to Deliver Big Data Insights

July 2, 2018

Accelerate insights from analytics with managed cloud services.

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Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics

June 25, 2018

This white paper explores the features that make GPU databases ideal for BI and incorporates real-world use cases from actual customer implementations.

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Metadata Management as a Strategic Imperative

June 12, 2018

The data management landscape is highly complex, with Big Data and NoSQL technologies creating a variety of languages and skills that most organizations do not have internally. Metadata management has strategic, efficiency, financial, and regulatory implications that must be addressed to break data value bottlenecks.

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Future-Proof Your Data Lake Environment: Maximize the Value of Big Data to Your Organization

June 8, 2018

Data lakes add value. Their use improves organizations’ operations and business performance. Our research underscores this; four out of five participating organizations consider the analytics enabled by data lakes to be important. But these benefits aren’t automatic.

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Modern Business Intelligence: Leading the Way for Big Data Success

June 8, 2018

This book will look closely at the emerging trends in big data and the pressing need for analytics solutions that emphasize more user-friendly approaches, such as more sophisticated visualization techniques.

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Use Self-Service Analytics to Build Strong Data Teams

June 6, 2018

If you want your business to be data-driven, you must first make an important decision about how to tap into your organization’s vast resources of raw data and how to turn this data into actionable business intelligence.

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E-Book: Streaming Change Data Capture – A Foundation for Modern Data Architectures

June 6, 2018

Download this book to understand how change data capture (CDC) technology works, why CDC is needed, and what your peers have learned from their CDC implementations.

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