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White Papers

Oracle WP cover

Oracle Analytics

March 2, 2020

By embracing augmented analytics, businesses are able to leverage their data like never before.

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Streaming Change Data Capture E-Book

February 13, 2020

This e-book serves as a practical guide for any enterprise architect, data manager, CIO, or IT leader seeking to enable modern data lakes, streaming, and cloud architectures with CDC.

Dummies e-book cover

Data Warehouse Automation in Azure for Dummies Book

February 13, 2020

Find out how a cloud data warehouse in Azure has advantages in cost, time to value, and the ability to work with real-time data across the organization for analytics.

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Eckerson Group Report: Deep Dive Data Warehouse Automation

February 13, 2020

Take a deep dive into data warehouse automation (DWA) to know its history, drivers, and evolving capabilities.

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How Delivering Analytics Everywhere Can Be a Game-Changing Move

February 12, 2020

Analytics has been used for decades to help businesses make informed decisions—both strategic and operational—by deriving insights from the data these businesses already collect.

Stream Processing with InfluxDB—An Introduction

January 30, 2020

Stream processing unifies applications and analytics by processing data as it arrives, in real-time, and detects conditions within a short period of time from when data is received. The key strength of stream processing is that it can provide insights faster, often within milliseconds to seconds.

denodo whitepaper cover image

Modernizing Data Architectures for a Digital Age Using Data Virtualization

January 23, 2020

This whitepaper describes how data virtualization can help to modernize an existing data architecture to unlock and exploit all the existing data more quickly.

BI Buyer’s Guide: Embedding Analytics in Your Software

January 22, 2020

To expedite the BI platform selection process, Logi Analytics has carefully crafted the following detailed BI Buyer’s Guide. This Buyer’s Guide helps organizations understand which platform types are available, clarifies questions to ask, establishes evaluation criteria, and provides suggested steps to take.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

January 22, 2020

Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to differentiate your application and maximize the value of embedded analytics.

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Data Virtualization for Dummies

January 21, 2020

Learn how to put data virtualization to work in your organization.

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