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BI journal Volume 22, Number 2 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 22, No 2
TDWI Member Exclusive

May 22, 2017

Psychologists know that the hardest thing to change is someone’s mind—even when it’s your own. Established practice and engrained habit can be powerful forces to overcome. However, this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal might give you a few reasons to do just that.

Senior editor Hugh J. Watson gives us a look at the new attitudes the next generation of decision support—the cognitive decision support generation—will demand of BI and analytics practitioners to give you a head start on developing them.

Meanwhile, Pedro Cerqueira and João Brandão show us how to bring the creative, solutions-focused mindset of design thinking to agile BI development. They show how design thinking allows you to benefit from the collective expertise of your development team and increases confidence in having produced the best solution possible.

This issue’s Experts’ Perspective looks at the organizational structures and approaches that make for a successful customer-facing analytics offering. TDWI contributors Rob Armstrong, Gregory Lewandowski, and Lisa Loftis run down what it means to extend your analytics to the outside world and what to remember before you begin such a project.

Christopher Bergh and Gil Benghiat show us how DataOps, based on development processes pioneered by industry titans Amazon and Google, enables your analytics team to provide the level of rapid service consumers expect in today’s on-demand economy.

Max Michel shows us that debt reduction isn’t only a good strategy for the finance department and explains how technical-debt management strategy can drive efficiencies and data quality improvements in your data warehouse. George Firican gives us a refresher course on the features that make a good dashboard such a powerful BI tool.

Finally, our BI StatShots column looks at the result of a recent TDWI technology survey that asked about how enterprises were currently using analytics, big data, and data science and how they intended to use these elements in the future.

How is your enterprise changing and what initiatives are you adopting to deal with that change? We look forward to your feedback; contact us at [email protected].

James E. Powell

Editorial Director

Business Intelligence Journal 


  • The Cognitive Decision-Support Generation
    Hugh J. Watson
  • Adapting Design Thinking to Agile Scrum DW/BI Development
    Pedro Cerqueira and João Brandão
  • Managing Technical Debt in the Data Warehouse
    Max Michel
  • Best Practices for Powerful Dashboards
    George Firican
  • BI Expert’s Perspective: Setting Up to Sell Your Analytics
    Rob Armstrong, Gregory Lewandowski, and Lisa Loftis
  • Analytics at Amazon Speed: The New Normal
    Christopher Bergh and Gil Benghiat

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