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Ten Mistakes Q2 2017 cover

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Data Maturity and Modernization
TDWI Member Exclusive

April 21, 2017

By William McKnight

Companies everywhere are realizing that data is a key asset that can directly impact business goals. Yet, in some enterprises, awareness of data’s value doesn’t translate into increased data maturity and modernization. Often treated as a drag-along to budgeted applications, data architecture can be accidental or happenstance—a casualty of a lack of focus. The opportunity now exists to influence the future and undertake highly data-focused projects in more modern, scalable, and usable ways. In this Ten Mistakes to Avoid, William McKnight identifies the misguided practices that cause the most friction in modernization efforts and the journey to higher data maturity. He offers tips on how to mature the environment that supports the asset upon which competition is forged today—data.

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