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Ten Mistakes to Avoid in NoSQL
TDWI Member Exclusive

August 2, 2016

By William McKnight

In the mid-2000s, several new-economy Silicon Valley companies were facing data challenges at a scale beyond those of the largest companies in the world. Knowing that the exploitation of data was the essence of their business and that the existing relational technology would be too expensive to scale to their needs, many companies independently set out to build their own solutions. There were many commonalities among the internal solutions, and most reached a similar conclusion about the SQL/relational/transactionally sound marketplace—they needed more. Thus NoSQL was born.

NoSQL is a perfect storm of need and solution for many, but it comes with challenges. When reviewing successes and failures, it is clear that some good practices have been overlooked or ignored in the areas of product selection, project formation, cluster setup, and project design.

In this Ten Mistakes to Avoid, we identify the mistakes with the biggest impact on NoSQL implementation success and recommend solutions you can apply to your implementations.

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