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BI Journal V21N2 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 21, No. 2
TDWI Member Exclusive

June 13, 2016

Customers are constantly looking for what’s fresh, what’s innovative—what’s new. In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we look at what’s new in the enterprise for BI: new cultures and mindsets, new technologies, and new ways of working.

Senior editor Hugh Watson begins this exploration by looking at how enterprises can shift from a “gut feeling” model of decision making to a culture that relies on facts. It won’t be easy, but an enterprise needs to instill this new mindset if it is to derive the full value from its analytics.

Agile development is still a relatively new methodology in the BI world and Pedro Cerqueira shares how it can help enterprises focus on data quality. He explains many of the lessons he’s learned as a tester in such an agile scrum environment and why such testers need a different skill set than do conventional software testers.

Accountants must get answers down to the penny. It’s this precision that may be new to your BI practice. Jenny Herritz offers six best practices from the accounting world that are equally applicable to BI solution design and how applying these practices can lead to better data quality and control of nonstandard data.

Several articles discuss new ways of working. Jennifer A. Viola explains a new strategy for simplifying data management. She reveals how an ongoing data audit can help an enterprise maintain the integrity of its data as it moves between applications and environments.

Linda Briggs’ interview with Nauman Sheikh discusses a new way of working so that problems with training and deploying data scientists don’t hamper analytics adoption.

John O’Brien notes how using data discovery to enable all staff to understand their data and thus help them solve business problems and gain business insights.

Our Experts’ Perspective column contributors Rob Armstrong, Oliver Halter, Mark Kromer, Norman Kutemperor, and Donald Soares show how to mix the old (data warehouses) with the new (data lakes and Hadoop).

Is your enterprise ready for what’s new? We welcome your comments at [email protected].

James E. Powell

Editorial Director

Business Intelligence Journal

  • Creating a Fact-Based Decision-Making Culture
    Hugh J. Watson

  • Lessons Learned as a Tester in an Agile Scrum DW/BI Environment
    Pedro Cerqueira

  • Applying Accounting Best Practices to Business Intelligence
    Jenny Herritz

  • Proven Tactics That Will Simplify Your Data Management Strategy
    Jennifer Viola

  • Q&A: Maximize Data Scientist Potential with Careful Planning, Teamwork
    Linda L. Briggs and Nauman Sheikh

  • How Discovery Goes Beyond the Need for BI and Analytics
    John O’Brien

  • BI Experts’ Perspective: Dipping a Toe into Data Lakes
    Oliver Halter, Mark Kromer, Norman Kutemperor, and Donald Soares

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