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The Case for Unified Platforms for Data and Analytics

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: The Case for Unified Platforms for Data and Analytics

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Increase Insights with Streamlined Architecture

Getting data rapidly into the hands of business users and analytics applications has never been more important. Yet as organizations look to generate faster and better insights into how they can optimize insights, they are faced with a dizzying array of data sources and slow, complicated steps to prepare and transform the data for analytics.

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Join Philip Russom, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Research for Data Management at TDWI and Matthew Halliday, Head of Products at Incorta, to learn how this approach streamlines data access and transformation so that procedures align more closely with the real needs of users, analysts, and data-driven applications.

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  • Philip Russom, Ph.D.

    Philip Russom, Ph.D.

    Sr. Director of Research for Data Management at TDWI

    Unified Data and Analytics Platforms: Trends, Benefits, and Challenges

    From business users to data scientists to business analysts, users across organizations are looking to analyze and interact with high volume, diverse data for business advantage, but that can be difficult when the data’s path from source to use is slow, disconnected, and complex. Organizations can potentially gain efficiencies and speed by adopting a unified data and analytics platform that shortens the path from data sources to their use and increases integration and alignment.

    In this session, TDWI analysts will discuss trends in data management, metadata management, visual data consumption, and analytics that are driving the need for a unified data and analytics platform. We will describe how this environment can align data management and visual analytics development and increase agility and speed.

  • Matthew Halliday

    Matthew Halliday

    Head of Products at Incorta

    Doing More with Less: How Unified Data Analytics Platforms Empower Individuals and Teams

    Everyone talks about the proliferation of data in modern business today—but are we seeing a proliferation of insights matching this exponential data growth? Not even close.

    There is a massive disconnect between the expected value of data and what companies are actually getting out of it. That’s because data teams can’t keep up with the accelerating rate, volume and complexity of data flowing into their organization. Trying to get ahead of the backlog with incremental improvements on existing approaches and technologies alone is a futile task. It’s like trying to supply water to New York City with a garden hose—you’ll just keep falling further and further behind every day. What’s needed is a fundamentally new approach.

    In this session, Matthew will unpack why no company on the planet today is getting all of the value out of their data, and how Unified Data Analytics Platforms stand to change that. He will examine where traditional technologies and data workflows fall short, and how UDAPs are profoundly changing the way that companies think about, engage with, and create value with data. Early adopters are not only solving age-old data problems that continue to plague the vast majority of companies today in a matter of days or weeks—they are also discovering entirely new products and services that were hardly even conceivable before UDAPs.

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