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LESSON - Analytics and Reporting Without Limits

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Acquisition Activity Unabated: Embarcadero Buys Ambeo

Acquisition fever continues to shake things up in the business intelligence industry, as Embarcadero buys Ambeo.

Business Intelligence Experts' Perspective

This article originally appeared in the issue of Transforming Data with Intelligence.

Question and Answer with PivotLink CEO Quentin Gallivan

Where is cloud computing headed?

Interana Accelerates Event and Time-Series Analysis

Start-up Interana proposes to marry the best aspects of the self-service model with best-in-class event and time-series processing at scale.

Wake Up, Smell the Java Reporting Reality

BIRT and Crystal aren’t the only game in town. There’s also JReport, which—in its new version 7.2 release—incorporates a bevy of improvements.

Four Reasons to Analyze Customer Behavior

How enterprises can engage, retain, and strengthen bonds with their customers.

Can Hadoop Replace a Data Warehouse?

It depends on what you think a data warehouse is and what your organization is trying to do with it.

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