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Trends in Analytics

Data Digest: Combining Machine Learning with BI, Finance, and Science

Machine learning has applications across departments and industries. Read examples in these three articles.

Data, Development, and Analytics: A Look Ahead

How is the data landscape driving changes in how data engineers and IT teams manage the data and how analysts seek to derive value from it? We asked Sean Knapp, founder and CEO of, for his thoughts about what's ahead.

Data Digest: ML and Fake News, Synthetic Sensitive Data, ML and Security

Why machine learning can’t detect fake news, why synthetic data can help you follow regulations, and how machine learning helps detect hackers.

Data Digest: AI and the Brain, the Cloud, and Production Models

Improving AI with neuroscience, using the public cloud for AI, and putting ML models into production.

The Curious Impact of 5G on Data and Analytics

The upcoming 5G wireless revolution will bring great opportunity and disruption. Nowhere will this be more apparent than in use of analytics and AI.

Data Digest: New Skills and Applications for Blockchain

The skills you need for a job working with blockchain and how artists and brands are using the technology.

CEO Perspective: Future Trends in BI and Analytics

What's hot now and what's ahead in BI and analytics? Matthew Scullion, Matillion CEO, offers his perspective.

Data Digest: Data Science Roles, Deep Learning, and Uncertain Predictions

Who is missing from your data science team, understanding deep learning and active learning, and the uncertainty inherent in machine learning algorithms.

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